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Marketing Consultant, Dublin, Ireland - Leading Online & Offline Marketing Consultant in Dublin

How To Use The Entire Web To Get Your Message Out There

seoBack in the day when I first started working in marketing and the online marketing world was just finding it’s feet one of my first jobs as an intern was to rank the agency I was working for for ‘SEO Expert Dublin’. These where the days before Google dominated and the web was made up of many search engines. Yet SEO was so much easier then. As in my case it was a task passed off to the pimply newb in the corner. My task – to spam the hell out of our site. Not much strategy involved just lots of tedious link buying. I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing but it worked.

It’s crazy how much things have changed. SEO is now a respected profession for which successful companies pay thousands per month.  Because it pays off. Google is the first stop for the majority of people who are searching for a product or service, even local. It’s the place where people go to shop. If you at the top of google for your search term your going to get more customers. And with the growth of mobile the world of SEO and online sales is just going to keep growing.

In the last 12 months business owners who invested monthly in SEO for their website and grew to rely of their online income have seen this sales channel literally wiped out over night. Multiple Google Algorithm updates have seen many sites de indexed and many others slapped back 100 or so positions. The result has been catastrophic for some business owners. But why did this happen to them? Because, unfortunately for them, the so called seo experts that they hired continued, even to this day, with the same low quality spammy link building that I started out with in my career many years agao. SEO has evolved. It is a skilled profession that requires constant learning and skills development.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait til you’ve hired an amateur!

These days I refer all my clients who are in need of an seo expert Dublin to

A review of video marketing for businesses are a leading provider of home care services throughout Ireland.  The company have recently taken on the services of an internet marketing expert to help them improve their companies performance online. They wanted to grab their share of the home care and home help market in Dublin and Ireland. But not only that they wanted to position themselves as an authority in the homecare market. They wanted to be the place where family and friends of the elderly, convalescing or those with special needs would go to for help and advice.

They have achieved this through video marketing. Rosaleen Kelly MD tells us that video has had 3 major advantages for them; – It has helped them to get across what is different about the company, to portray the caring and warmth of culture in communicare in a way that  just was not possible with the written word – as a result it has increased onsite conversions – it has helped their home care website rank better – it has enabled them to take over more than one spot on the SERPS for homecare related terms. You can see an example of one of their videos below;

The Importance of Management Accounts for Marketing Decisions

There is very little about accounting that excites me. In fact the very mention of P&L or bank reconciliations sends a creepy frosty feeling down my spine. It’s the one subject I always flunked in college. Thank god I work with one of the best – Greavy & Co Accountants Dublin

marketing and growthBut there is one area of accountancy which really correlates with the deep down objective of marketing and marketing planning and it’s an area I’ve decided to orient myself with a little more in 2014 as I feel it will enable me to better serve my own business as well as my own clients.

This area is Monthly Managment Accounting.  Believe me this topic goes way beyond boring monthly bookkeeping services. I recently got together with Thomas Greavy to discuss the benefits of monthly accounts to marketing and strategic planning in depth.  Here’s what I learned.

  • It is not just the preserve of large businesses alone.
  • Monthly accounts preparation can help highlight the weak areas that will need support and additional attention.
  • These accounts assist in bettering the entire overall performance of business in regards to management.
  • Helps in pinpointing the ideal direction to choose so to improve efficiency.
  • As a businessperson, you can easily compare the latest performance with what is required in the future.
  • Regular management Accountancy can make it achievable to devise the critical improvements with the purpose of optimizing upcoming strategic plans.

And most importantly monthly accounts  aid in evaluating and investigating how individual products and services are performing in the marketplace. In cases where a certain product is not making the preferred income, it could be taken off the shelves to make way for a better product. In doing so, a firm is able to cut down possible losses after pinpointing the under performing areas.

Management Accounting is essential with regards to making strategic and operational choices. Business owners find it easier to make accurate managerial decisions due to the information and facts contained in the monthly accounts.

If you need a new accountant dublin or tax consultant you can contact Thomas on 01 6024767.

Hot local online niches – A Gardening Case Study


Dublin Garden Design and Landscaping Dublin are certainly reaping the rewards of it’s decision to dominate Google come peak season.  The company are now top of the Google charts for many of their most competitive searches such as Landscape Gardeners Dublin and business is good.  With years of uncertain investment in more traditional forms of advertising, and observing their competitors Dublin Garden Design decided it was time to reach out to potential customers online.

They employed the services of a skilled online marketer and crossed his fingers!  ’We decided to target a wide range of keywords with Google Adwords and target the biggest searches with SEO’.  Dublin Garden Design have been dominating the top 1-2 positions in adwords with great rewards and after 4 weeks they are now placing in the top 5 of the organic results for his big keywords including garden design and patio designs dublin.  They are now pretty much booked out for the rest of the summer, a massive improvement from any previous year.  But he is not taking his foot of the pedal.  Instead he is seeking to place himself as an online authority on landscaping.  ’Hopefully by being seen as the go to guy I’ll be able to diversify into digital products and even charge more in 2014′.

You can get in touch with Dublin Garden Design on 01 901 2673

Dominating ‘Botox Dublin’


I have recently begun working with a new client in the field of anti aging treatments and botox Dublin.  Not a service I’ve ever availed of myself but a very lucrative space in the beauty industry, if you’re at the top.

The Dublin Skin Clinic is only in its infancy but it has lofty goals and its management wanted to get out of the traps fast, particularly now that we are getting into the heights of summer and peak season for such an industry.

Following some research on industry trends and after picking the managements brains and finding out more about their goals and budgets it was very apparent that they would need to focus on online advertising to get the most from their budget.

So this is the plan we put together;

- target the top of page positions on Google Adwords, both desktop and mobile, with special offer site extensions in the ads

- create a mobile squeeze page with a special offer in return for the customers number

- Force SEO results asap for the keywords Dublin Botox and Dermal Fillers In Dublin

- Develop a facebook community by targeting followers of similar pages and interests.  Create a fangate page with a special offer in return for email and phone number

- Implement remarketing on the website to target visitors with banner ads around the internet

We decided to run our adwords campaigns from 2pm on a Tuesday to 2pm on a saturday given budget restrictions – targeting 20 clicks per day with a 5% conversion.  Our target for the Facebook page is 500 likes within 4 weeks.

The management will seek to gain as much free publicity as possible through networking and press releases to local publications.

With a lifetime value per customer of approx €1800, or €100 per month we need only a couple of new customers per month to cover the cost of this campaign and generate a profit.

For more info check out